5 façons de passer à travers le blues hivernal

5 ways to get through the winter blues.

1. Warm up your heart in a hot bath filled with bubbles and the fragrance that you consider the most invigorating from the shelf!

Why not punctuate this moment of pause with your favorite hot beverage? Matcha, hot chocolate, detox tea, caramel latte... Take the opportunity to try something new... or to snuggle up with an old classic...

2. Add a 15-minute light therapy session to your morning routine.

It has been proven that this technique causes the body to secrete serotonin (the happiness hormone). Light therapy is highly recommended for people who suffer from seasonal depression. Take advantage of the moment when you sit down for breakfast to start your day with a little more positive energy than usual.
A related tip to counter the lack of sunlight during winter is to take a daily dose of vitamin D. This practice, strongly recommended by Health Canada, makes a perfect duo when combined with light therapy.

3. Equip both young and old with a very warm coat and go enjoy the beauty of our winter scenery.

Although the lack of light represents a significant adjustment during the season, it is a fact that our Canadian landscapes are envied by many around the world.

For the more adventurous, make the experience even more dynamic with skis, snowshoes, and dog sleds!

Then enjoy the warmth and comfort of your cozy nest in front of a fireplace and in your softest pajamas.


4. Take the time to prepare the winter meal that you and your family enjoy the most and let yourself be carried away by this unifying moment.

Onion soup, fondue, raclette, turkey... anything that you know is comforting. Wine glasses are allowed!

Because sometimes there is nothing better than the warmth of your family gathered together.


5.  Dive back into your most beautiful souvenir photos and create a photo book out of them!

Revisit the past few years of your smartphone gallery and create a theme with the photos that warm your heart the most! For example, your first couple's trip, your child's graduation, that special summer at the family cottage, etc.

Bring these forgotten memories to life with a high-quality photo book. Use the easy customization tool on the Canadian Designly website to create this book exactly as you envision it.

 Create a softcover book

Create a Hardcover book


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