6 Passe-temps à revisiter en Famille durant le Confinement

5 Hobbies to Bring the Family Together during Lockdown

1. Cook together.

Share a moment in the kitchen & try something new...
Making fresh handmade pasta!
Farfalle, linguine, spaghetti...anything goes! Each mini chef has the right to let his or her creativity run wild.
Little extra; here’s an authentic recipe brought directly from Italy by our team:
-1 Kg of flour
-10 large eggs
-1 pinch of salt
-A little water
-In boiling water; sunflower oil and lots of salt.
Share with us your best pictures during the cooking process!





2. Workout online.

Who said that closing gyms would leave us bored & out of shape? Not us!


What could be more enjoyable than burning off some steam.... with your family?  Gather everyone in front of a screen and play the first yoga, zumba or cardio video you find!




3. Develop your creativity.

Rediscover your artistic sense through scrapbooking, drawing, watercolor painting, etc. You can even take the opportunity to create personalized Christmas cards for the grandparents!

After all, what could be more thoughtful than a gift created especially for them?


Guaranteed fun times with the kids!






4. Create your own facial masks.

Feel free to play the family's favorite Christmas movie during the mask resting time! Yup, it's already time to get into the holiday mood!


Here's a simple recipe that will put some Xmas spirit in the complexion of the whole family:

- ¼ cup of powdered oatmeal.

- 1 well-ripe banana

- 1 teaspoon of honey




5. Make a puzzle.

During cold weather, gather the whole family around a puzzle with some hot chocolate.

Make the experience even more special by personalizing your own puzzle with an image that will warm the hearts of the whole family.

Use the personalization tool on Designly's website to create one in a flash:


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